Most Fuel-Efficient Ford Cars

There’s no question that in the past decade, automotive technology has led the way for giant leaps in fuel efficiency. Overseas manufacturers such as Toyota, with its Prius model, have cornered a large share of the market with cars that, simply put, require less gas to run farther distances. Naturally, consumers are drawn to these vehicles because not only are they a benefit for the environment, but there’s also a benefit for their wallets. It’s a win-win.

However, make no mistake; the American companies are pushing back with fuel-efficient cars of their own, and if you’re looking for a fuel-efficient car from an American manufacturer, Ford has plenty of vehicles, from hybrids to fully electric cars, that rival those of the foreign manufacturers in both price and fuel efficiency. Here’s a rundown of Ford’s most fuel-efficient cars.

Ford Focus Electric: 110/99 MPG

Ford’s fully electric car, the Ford Focus Electric, is clearly the company’s leader in fuel efficiency and boasts some mightily impressive figures: 110 city miles per gallon and 99 highway MPG. Besides the fuel efficiency, there are additional benefits to going completely electric. For instance, the car requires no gas and no oil, and it also gives off no carbon emissions, meaning that you’ll be doing both yourself and the environment a favor. For those weary of switching full-stop to an electric car, Ford also offers a hybrid model of the Focus that, while not as fuel efficient as the electric model, is still quite adequate at 26 city MPG and 36 MPG.

Ford Fusion: 44/41 MPG

Filling-Up-Gas-TankThough the Ford Fusion hybrid sedan is less fuel efficient on highways than the Focus Electric, at an MSRP that’s considerably easier on the wallet, it’s an alternative option if you’re looking to spend less and still get some impressive fuel efficiency. The Fusion also comes with the option of plugging in via a 120- or 240-volt convenience cord, meaning you’ll be able to charge your car at home overnight, allowing you to save even more on fuel.

Ford C-MAX: 42/37 MPG  

The Ford C-MAX isn’t quite as fuel efficient as some of Ford’s other offerings, at a still-respectable 42 city MPG and 37 highway MPG. But with up to 52 cubic feet of storage with fold-down seats, there’s more than enough room for moving things around. Similarly to the Fusion, the C-MAX comes in two varieties: there’s the standard hybrid model as well as the plug-in version, which Ford boasts can charge to full capacity in two-and-a-half hours.

Each model has its advantages and disadvantages, and it’ll be up to you decide what’s important when making the decision of which model to choose. While fuel efficiency is an important factor in choosing a car, a less efficient car may offer irresistible features or come at a price that is more reasonable to you. There’s no denying, however, that it’s with recent massive improvements in automotive technology, cars have never been so fuel efficient, and if that’s important to you, it’s an exciting time to be buying a car.

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