C-Max: Efficiency And Progression

When you look at the cars that are on the road today, you have to wonder if guys like Henry Ford could’ve ever imagined that this is what transportation would look like a century after some of his most groundbreaking models changed the world. There is no limit to what some car owners want in their vehicles, and manufacturers are continually looking to come out with the latest and greatest technology to add to their lineup of models.

One car that really demonstrates just how much of an impact technology can make is the Ford C-Max. As a car that has been around since 2003, the C-Max has revolutionized the way that vehicles look at gas consumption. In fact, the C-Max was the first hybrid-only offered by Ford when it came to the United States. The C-Max also noticed popularity in Europe, as well as New Zealand as well.

An Early Idea

Ford-CMaxWhen the first C-Max entered the market in America, hybrid vehicles were just beginning to enter into the mainstream. The first generation of C-Max models also offered a very unique body style, which was only seen amongst lighter, and more efficient, hybrids. Inside the C-Max offered seating for five, tons of cargo space and extra room, as well as diagonal sliding seats in the back. A lot of these features are shared with the Ford Focus, as both cars came off of the C1 platform from Ford.

A New Transformation

In 2006, Ford decided it was time for a change with the C-Max. Designers went under the microscope to start from scratch to create a new type of vehicle. The new facelift of the C-Max was reveled in 2006 at the Bologna Motor Show. The additions that had been made to the model were then included in models that were released in the Spring of 2007.

Some of the changes that came with the transformation of the new C-Max include:

  • Sleeker exterior and body
  • Longer wheelbase
  • Room for seven
  • Dual-zone climate control
  • Sirus XM
  • 1.6/2.0 L Duatorq TDCi

The Ford C-Max has no shortage of upgrades and additional features. And since you can expect to find the C-Max for the affordable price of a Ford, all of these additions are well worth the investment into a great vehicle.

A Modern Car In A Modern World

The way that people are getting from point-a to point-b has completely changed. It’s no longer about gas-guzzlers or oversized flash. Instead, vehicles like the Ford C-Max are helping drivers save money on their gas bill each month. In addition, hybrid vehicles help to provide alliterative options for gas dependence. With all that it offers, the Ford C-Max is certainly a car that is ready for the future.

When looking for your next vehicle, efficiency and practicality should both be amongst the top of your wish list. And with everything that the Ford C-Max has to offer, there’s no surprise it’s a reliable option for those looking for a hybrid that is as efficient as it is progressive.

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