2017 Ford Flex Review

If you are looking for a new car, or even if you aren’t, you need to check out the 2017 Ford Flex. The Flex is one of Ford’s most popular cars and the 2017 Flex has some awesome new features. The unique build of the car allows it to be a crossover between a minivan and SUV while offering some of the great features of a sedan. It is kind of like a modern day station wagon. Below are some of the best features that set the 2017 Ford Flex apart from the competition!


The Flex comes standard with 3 rows of spacious seating so it can comfortably fit 7 passengers of any size and age. The second row of seats folds into the floor to allow for more storage space or legroom for the third row. You can customize your interior in all kinds of different ways so it is perfectly tailored for your needs. One thing that comes standard, which is a nice feature that isn’t always offered, is cup holders in the front AND back. If you have traveled with a lot of passengers, especially kids, you have probably run into issues if you only had front cup holders. That is no longer a problem in the 2017 Ford Flex! The Flex has a 6 speaker system and comes with SiriusXM radio. This allows for some of the highest quality sound in any vehicle in it’s class! The interior of the all new Ford Flex is designed to allow you to ride in comfort and style.


Not much has changed with the unique look and size of the Ford Flex. The 2017 version has a similar build to the classic Flex. The unique cross over between SUV, minivan, and station wagon is still evident in the exterior of the car. It has all the features you would expect to see on the exterior of a Ford; spare tire, chrome handles and grill, tinted glass, and of course your choice of color. There are TONS of different colors to get the exterior and interior of your Ford Flex to be, depending on your personal preference. The Flex comes standard with 18 inch wheels and all wheel drive, making it great for any weather. The Ford Flex is ideal for any environment or weather all year long.


The technology in the 2017 Ford Flex is unmatched by any car in it’s class. There are new features that are becoming more widespread, such as key-less entry and start, which come standard on the Ford Flex. Bluetooth connectivity is also available in the Ford Flex so you don’t need to worry about fussing with cords to keep your device connected. The Flex also has mobile hotspot internet access, meaning it can be set up as a WiFi hot spot for your devices, something sure to save you on the data overages on your next cell phone bill! Finally, the 2017 Flex has an advanced dual-zone climate control system that allows you to set the car to be exactly the temperature you like. No more struggling with the vague heat and a/c settings, just punch in your desired temperature and let it be. The advances in the 2017 Ford Flex’s technology make your life easier and your drive more comfortable.

Overall, the new features and technological advances in the 2017 Ford Flex set it apart from anything else in it’s class. There really is nothing that packages these great features, fuel efficiency, safety, and spacious interior into a midsize SUV. So if you are looking for a new car, regardless of your lifestyle or needs, you have to check out the 2017 Ford Flex.

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