What To Look For At The 2016 Philadelphia Auto Show

Each year, the Philadelphia Auto Show spotlights innovative new features that are being brought to the auto industry. 2016 will be no different, as you can expect an event full of memorable experiences. Over a 9-day period, guests are introduced to 700 vehicles made by 40 brands. With more than 700,000 square feet to explore, there’s something for everyone at this auto show.

There’s plenty to see and do, so here’s what to look for at the 2016 Philadelphia Auto Show.

A First Look

Manufacturers from around the world choose the Philadelphia Auto Show as the prime opportunity to reveal their upcoming vehicles. Visitors to the show will get a first look into these innovative reveals. Whether it’s a concept car for the future or a new technology for your current ride, you can find a bit of everything that will keep you entertained during your time at the show.

Get Behind The Wheel

For those who want to get hands-on with the activities, you’ll love the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a car at the Philadelphia Auto Show. Representatives from Ford, Kia, Mazda, and Toyota will be on hand to let guests do much more than just kick the tires. Instead, strap in and get ready for a test drive with your favorite vehicle. New to the show this year is a Jeep experience that lets you go off-roading on an indoor terrain, adding to the list of enjoyable experiences you can physically take part in.

Learn From Others

Ford-Auto-ShowHave a nagging question about your vehicle? Want to get insight into the latest and greatest technology? Whatever the question, you’ll find the perfect people to ask at the 2016 Philadelphia Auto Show. In addition to 100’s of licensed representatives at The Garage, you’ll mingle with other enthusiasts who share the same interests as you do. Make friends and learn something new, all at this auto show.

Find The Perfect Accessories

At The Dub Show, you’ll find the hottest aftermarket showcase available for accessories. You can also check out the custom paint job exhibit, while testing stereo systems and other technology choices for your car. The Dub Show is its own unique experience to the Philadelphia Auto Show, and it’s located just inside the 11st Street Entrance.

Information For Event

Tickets are limited for the Philadelphia Auto Show, so be sure to get yours today. The event is held from January 30 – February 7, making it one of the first car shows of the year.

Hours for the event are:

  • Saturdays: 9am – 10pm
  • Sunday 1/31: 9am – 8pm
  • Monday – Friday: Noon – 10pm
  • Sunday 2/7: 9am – 6pm.

There’s something for everyone to enjoy at the Philadelphia Auto Show. Whether you’re looking for your next vehicle or you just want to see what innovative options are in the works, there’s a bit of it all during this event. Get your tickets today and pay attention to these things to look for at the 2016 Philadelphia Auto Show.

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