The Brand New Ford EcoSport Coming in 2018

2017 might still be young, but we’re already looking forward to 2018. There are plenty of new Ford vehicles to get excited about this year, but 2018 will see the release of a vehicle that’s brand new to North America, called the EcoSport. The crossover SUV is shaping up to be a big mover and shaker, and there’s little doubt that it’ll be a hit next year. Here are some of the things that the EcoSport has us most excited about.

A New Twist on an Old Friend

No one’s going to blame you if you haven’t heard of the EcoSport. Although the vehicle is completely new to American audiences, it’s actually been a hit overseas since the early 2000s, first making waves in Brazil and then Mexico. After having expanded to India, Japan, and Europe, the EcoSport is finally coming home with a fresh new design.

The Best of Both Worlds

The EcoSport is Ford’s most latest in its line of crossovers, the burgeoning category of vehicles that mixes the best that cars and SUVs have to offer. If you want to get even more specific, many are calling it a “subcompact crossover SUV,” meaning that it’s a little more manageable than the other SUVs on the road. For those who want the simplicity and ease of a compact but the capacity to ride in comfort, the EcoSport rides the middle ground.

Smart Driving Features

Technology, and how it factors into your driving experience, plays a big part in the new EcoSport. The navigation system, which will appear on an 8-inch display that extends out of the dash, will provide GPS and entertainment options. Ford’s built-in SYNC 3 technology will offer compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, along with USB ports and a 12-volt outlet, making the tech side of your life more seamless than ever.

A Safe Drive

Of course, the EcoSport’s comprehensive digital offerings are not the only way you’ll be the smartest driver on the road. As with all Ford vehicles, safety is a number-one concern, and you can expect the EcoSport to follow Ford’s excellent track record in crash ratings. Further, the EcoSport will come available with BLIS, Ford’s Blind Spot Information System, which indicates on the side mirror that an object is in the driver’s blind spot.

Other Ways the EcoSport Stands Out

There’s at least one other way the EcoSport stands out from its crossover competitors: rather than feature a traditional hatchback-style rear door, the door opens sideways, which makes for easier trunk access. Further, the EcoSport will make use of Auto Start-Stop, which will automatically shut the engine off when the vehicle comes to a complete stop, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.

Luxury Upgrades

While the standard EcoSport will boast some impressive features, advanced models will come equipped with some serious upgrades. The EcoSport SE comes with a moonroof, heated seats, power seating, and a push-button start, while the SES model will include sleek upgrades to the exterior. The highest-tier model, the Titanium, will sport an impressive B&O Play 10-speaker sound system, capable of pumping out tunes at 675 watts.

Although there’s always something to look forward to with Ford, the EcoSport is something that’s especially worth keeping an eye on. Ford’s foray into a new crossover footprint is noteworthy, and judging by what we’ve of the vehicle so far, it appears it’ll be a big success for the manufacturer, especially with the young urban audience it’s targeting. Expect this car, little known to American audiences at this moment, to cause some serious buzz when it’s released in 2018.

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