The Return of the Bronco and Ranger

As with most things, not all Ford models have stood the test of time. All kinds of beloved Fords have been discontinued for various reasons. Ford recently announced that in the next few years they will be bringing back some of the most iconic lines ever created. The Bronco and the Ranger are two of the most recognizable Fords on the road and are set to be coming back in the next few years.

Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger was and still is one of the most common trucks on the road. It was first made in 1983 and was very popular until it was discontinued just recently in 2011. The original Ranger replaced the Ford Courier, which was a similar truck to the Ford Ranger. The Ranger was beloved by many because it was a compact truck that packed a ton of power. The truck could be used for all kinds of jobs while not being nearly the fuel hog bigger trucks are. The entire time the Ranger was produced it maintained the same basic design and performance. The classic ranger was a 2 door cabin with seating for 2, sometimes 3, in the front and often had a small area behind the seats for storage. In 2010 Ford began releasing Rangers that were 4 door, but never in the United States. Shortly after the 4-door Rangers were set to hit the market the United States production of Rangers was halted so you likely won’t see many on the road here.

Earlier this year Ford confirmed the rumors that the Ranger could be coming back. The plan is for the new models of Rangers to be released to the United States starting again in 2019. Ford has not said a lot about what the new Ranger will entail, but you can sign up to receive updates about it through their site. The next Ranger will still be smaller than the F series but is expected to be slightly larger than traditional Rangers were. There will likely be more off roading versions and bigger versions of the Ranger like are often found in Europe and South America. Although there are no exact announcements of specs of the new Ranger, the Ford release featured lots of shots of off-roading and bigger trucks.

Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco is one of the most missed cars in the market, not just Fords. People who owned Broncos truly loved them and when they stopped production in 1996 people were upset. Since that day people have been looking for the Bronco to come back and at the 2017 North American International Auto Show their wishes came true when Ford announced the Bronco was coming back. There had been whispers about new models of the Bronco being released for years but the wait is finally over! The new version will have some unique new features that will give the classic Bronco a more modern feel. Although all the details are not yet known, some information about the Bronco has been leaked or released by Ford.

We do know when we can expect to see the much anticipated new Ford Bronco, 2020. This may still be a few years off, but it is time to get excited. The rumors swirling around what the new Bronco could be are pretty crazy. Some said the new Bronco would be based on the Ford Raptor and be more of a high performance truck than it previously was. This rumor has been proven not true as Ford CTO Raj Nair has said the new Bronco will be smaller than the original, but still larger than the Bronco II was. One rumor that seems to hold some weight is the idea that the Bronco could be more off road focused. There will also be a version of the Bronco that has the option to take the roof off, like the classic Broncos. This will come as welcome news to those hoping for the revival of the classic Bronco as the option to take the roof off is one of the things that made it so unique.

The Bronco and Ranger are going to be huge hits as soon as they are released. The years without new models only deepened the love people have for two of the most classic Ford models. Stay tuned for more updates on the Bronco and the Ranger as Ford has only begun to tell us what they have in store.

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