Vehicle Review: Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion has quickly become one of the most popular Ford models on the road today. Users love it for its versatility, fuel efficiency, storage capacity, and countless other benefits. There truly is a Fusion for everyone. The latest model improved on past generations in all kinds of ways and made the customer favorite Ford Fusion better than ever before!


The new Fusion has a similar feel as previous models. The interior has been updated to feel more modern and of course, safer than ever before. There are a ton of different options to choose from in the Fusion, which is part of what makes it such a great car for a variety of situations. The car comfortably fits 5 full size adults and is more spacious than almost all of it’s competitors. You have the option of getting a larger touch screen audio display or a more classic small screen display. Fusions come standard with dedicated vents in the front seat as well as the rear. This means no more freezing in the front seat while the kids are complaining about the heat in the back! There are 6 cupholders in every Fusion, if you don’t have a lot of cupholders now you know how valuable this can be. The revamped interior of the Ford Fusion is the best of all worlds, as it is an industry leader in safety, storage, and comfort.


The new Fusion will have the same look as previous models. The Fusion is a perfect combination of size and performance. It is a little larger than most other competitors and is most recognizable for its unique grill. It is easy to spot a Fusion coming up behind you as the grill is like few other cars on the road. Sunroofs are optional in all Ford Fusions and are of course a great addition to any car. If you are looking for more information on how the exterior of the Fusion stacks up against it’s competition see here.

Other Improvements

As always, the Fusion is an industry leader in fuel efficiency. There are a few different engine models, but all get around 30 MPG. The Fusion Energi model can even run as an electric car for a long period of time. Depending on the speed you are traveling and the strain you are putting on your engine, you could make most of your local trips entirely running on electricity. For a car that is not designed to be a pricey hybrid, the Fusion is one of the most fuel efficient cars out there.

The Fusion also has some new technology options that set it apart from the field. The new Apple Carplay and Android Auto are both options in the Fusion and are the best way in the market to sync your phone with your car. The car even has options to install real time weather and traffic reporting. Cars today can become very confusing with a bunch of gadgets that users really have no use for, however the Fusion is very intuitive. It is easy to learn how all of the different gadgets in the car function and you will be able to adjust all kinds of settings precisely to your liking. If you are looking for a car that does it all without confusing you, the Fusion is a great option.

As with every new Ford model, the latest Fusion has all kinds of improvements from previous models, often based on consumer feedback. Fusions are already some of the most popular cars on the road, with good reason, and the latest and greatest model will only grow their popularity.

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