What to Listen to in the Car

Driving long distances can take a toll on you and make it hard to stay focused, but being engaged in what you are listening to can really help. Now a days there are all kinds of options beyond the radio, so how do you decide? Below are some different things to listen to while making long drives or on your daily commute.


Of course, this list has to start with the option that has been there the longest. The radio is a great place to hear new music that you otherwise may not have and to get some quick news updates. However, the radio causes some obvious problems. Radio commercials are frequent and they are long, so if you time your commute wrong you could spend a large portion of it listening to commercials. If you prefer to listen to the radio, try to have a few stations that you like so you can easily flip around when commercials come on.

Talk Radio

If you don’t like music or are tired of hearing the same songs over and over again on the radio, you can try listening to talk radio. Try to find a talk radio station that covers topics you enjoy. There are all kinds of talk radio options, but no matter where you go you will almost always be able to find a political and a sports station. The commercials will still be an issue, but the engaging talk is a great way to stay alert and focused.


Audiobooks are the new way to read, well kind of. They are exactly what they sound like, books that are recorded so you can listen to them whenever and wherever you want. If you drive every day, audiobooks can be great. You can “read” an entire book in a just a few days of commuting to and from work. Almost every book has an all audio version at this point, so it should not be hard to find something you like. You can download the Audiobooks right onto most phones, plug it in and enjoy. Audio books have been around for a little while, but their popularity is only growing as people have less and less time and interest in reading traditional books.


If you haven’t started listening to podcasts yet, you are missing out. Everyone from major celebrities to local news stations have started making podcasts, so you will certainly be able to find a few of your own. If there is a specific sports team you like there are likely dozens of podcasts about just that team. If there are certain hobbies that interest you, there are definitely podcasts about that. There is a podcast app on most phones that you can find just about anything you can imagine on, so check it out!


Listening to your own music is always a great option in the car. If you plan on doing this make sure you create playlists with lots of good songs so you don’t feel the need to try to change the song while driving. The car is a a great chance to listen to some albums you may not have for awhile or try out some new music. Spotify and Apple music offer all kinds of ways for you to discover new music, like seeing what other people like you listen to or seeing what is trending.

Everyone should try out a few of these options to see what is best for them and make sure they don’t get bored of it. The main purpose of listening to something in the car should be to keep you alert and not distract you. At the end of the day, driving safely is the most important thing you can do.


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