The Most Dangerous Roads In America

Compared to other places around the world, roads in the United States are much safer and easier to navigate. Roads in the United States are usually better maintained and designed than others around the world, but there a few that are still notorious for different dangers they present. Some are even close to Winner Ford in New Jersey! Below is a list of the craziest roads in the United States.

Highway 550

Highway 550 in Colorado is one of the most dangerous roads in the United States. It is a 25 mile stretch of highway that connects the small towns of Ouray and Silverton. The road cuts through mountainous terrain at approximately 11,000 feet above sea level. Much of the road has no guardrail or barrier that could prevent a car from plunging off the cliff. There are some sharp turns that have been the place of tragic accidents. Of course, the road becomes even more difficult in the dense fog that rolls through the mountains.

Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast Highway is internationally known for the great scenery surrounding it. The long highway stretches through a lot of the coast in California as it twists and turns. There are portions that take you through mountainous regions with steep cliffs and sharp turns that make driving the road a stressful experience. Another part of what makes Pacific Coast Highway so dangerous are the unusual weather patterns due to its proximity to the coast. Dense fog can cover the highway, specifically in the mornings, that can make navigating the sharp turns even more difficult. Wind and rain can come seemingly out of nowhere and make navigating even more difficult. If you plan on taking a trip down the Pacific Coast Highway, make sure you are alert and check the weather report no matter how nice it may seem!

James Dalton Highway

This is a road that most people will never travel on, for a few reasons. James Dalton Highway is located in Alaska and spans 414 miles through the countryside. The road is not surrounded by much, so if something does happen it would be hard to notify or receive help. The road is still gravel through portions, so not all cars can safely make the trip. There are all kinds of other things that present dangers on the road, like wildlife, weather, and even rock/mud slides. The main purpose of the highway was to help service the massive pipeline systems that run around it and is still used for this purpose as well as other supply transportation throughout the region. James Dalton Highway is certainly not a road to take a scenic drive through the Alaskan countryside on.

Route 22, Union/Springfield

This road may not be quite the danger that the other major highways on our list are, but ranked it the most dangerous road in New Jersey just a few months ago. The specific stretch of Route 22 between Union and Springfield can be especially treacherous due to the amount of traffic. It is one of the most traveled roads in the entire state with other major highways intersecting with it all over. There are exits on both the left and right side, only adding to the confusion. If your commute takes you through this specific stretch of Route 22, you may want to avoid rush hour times or find a different way to go.

These roads are some of the most dangerous that the U.S. has to offer. It is a good idea to avoid them when possible. If you do need to drive them, try to avoid rush hour or bad weather to make the trip a little easier on yourself.

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