Selling A Car? Ask These Questions First.

There are so many cars out there to choose from. Why should someone choose the car that you are selling? There are plenty of reasons that interest a buyer, such as the interior, the horsepower, the make, model, or the price. Learn what your customer is interested in, so you know how to close the deal.

  1. “What are your most-wanted features?” When you’re selling your vehicle, you want to learn what the interested party likes. It tells you what is the most important to them, and what they consider standard in what a car should offer. Once you hear what they already are comfortable with, you can explain how your car has those same features that the buyer is looking for.
  2. “What upgrades are you looking for?” When you’re buying something new, you want to see some new technology or features that your current vehicle doesn’t have. The buyer wants to feel as if they’ve made an upgrade and put their money towards a good purchase. Hear them out on what the major new features that they want to see in their next car. Compare your car to what it is that they are after. Odds are that even if your car doesn’t have exactly what they are looking for, there is something else that could be a selling point for them. Bring up all of the features because you never know what might peak someone’s interest.
  3. “What is your timeline on purchasing?” Some folks begin shopping for cars before they have the funds to put down money on a car. They are doing research to see what it would cost to get a vehicle that meets all of their needs. Others are ready to buy immediately, and they need something now. When you show your car, treat it as if the person wants to take it home today. Have it showroom ready for every customer to view. Have all of your paperwork and finances in order so that the selling process can be quick and easy. Don’t list your car for sale until you’re 100% ready for it to be off your hands.
  4. “Who is going to drive the car the most?” Different members of the family want cars for different reasons. A 16 year old will have different wants and needs than someone who drives across town to get to work and back every day. Know what your car has to offer to different people, and market it to the right folks to sell it quick. A young kid is going to be more interested in the physical appearance and features like a loud stereo. A commuter wants to have good gas mileage and something comfortable for the long rides.
  5. “What is your budget?” This one tells you immediately if they are truly interested in buying or if they are not ready yet. If the buyer has saved up enough for a down payment, and wants to talk finances, then you have someone who is ready to make the purchase. If they start dancing around it, then you know that they are shopping around and may only be daydreaming about the car at this point. It doesn’t mean they couldn’t become a buyer, but at the moment they aren’t ready to put down money. Then, there comes the negotiations. When selling, you want to start on your high end of what you want to sell the vehicle for. As you talk, you can bring it down some, and meet them in the middle for a fair price.

The vehicle that you are selling stands a great chance of selling fast if you learn what it is that’s important to your buyer. If you know what their priorities are, then you know what to bring up and how to talk to them. The best thing to do is ask open ended questions to guide the conversation. When the customer talks more and you listen, then you are on your way to making a good sale.

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