Scenic Drives Near Philadelphia

Nearby Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs are teeming with unbelievable nature scenes and hundreds of years of history. Taking a nice drive on a scenic route on a beautiful day is a great way to clear your mind or spend time with your family. Fall is quickly approaching and the changing of the seasons only adds to the beauty you will see on some of these incredible scenic routes located around Philadelphia.

Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens is located in Kennett Square, PA a short drive from Philadelphia. The drive to the historic Longwood Gardens goes down route 1, the oldest highway on the entire east coast! You will drive through peaceful scenery on your way to the incredible gardens that are best experienced on foot. You can drive by the gardens themselves however to experience the true beauty you will need to buy a ticket (usually around $15) and head inside. The iconic images of the garden are something you have likely seen before whether you realize it or not. The full Longwood Gardens experience is something that everyone from the Philadelphia area needs to experience at some point during their time in the area.

New Hope

New Hope is a popular town if you consider how small it truly is. There are all kinds of attractions to the Philly suburb, like shopping, haunted attractions, and tons of history as Washington’s Crossing of the Delaware River took place just minutes away. The drive into New Hope offers all kinds of stunning scenery. Depending on the direction you are coming from you could take the entire ride next to the Delaware River. River Road that runs along the massive river, normally at a slightly higher elevation, offers a great view of the river valley and islands in the middle of it. Once you are in New Hope there truly are endless activities to take up your time, but Triumph Brewery is a favorite local spot to grab some drinks.

Fairmount Park

Fairmount Park is located in Philadelphia and is one of the largest parks in all of Pennsylvania. For those that don’t know, Fairmont is known for all kinds of things, but it is the home of some the best crew competitions in the world. The shots of boathouse row that are seen before nearly every national sporting event in Philadelphia are actually taken in Fairmount Park. One of the favorite routes to take in and around the park is down Kelly Drive. The road twists and turns through miles of riverside terrain that offer some incredible views with the city skyline in the background. There are spots to pull off and enjoy a picnic or walk down a trail lining the roads through the park. If you find yourself in the city and looking for a quick escape from the hustle and bustle, a quick drive through nearby Fairmount Park is the place for you.

Pine Barrens

Located in Southern New Jersey the Pine Barrens are a massive state park that is home to all kinds of wildlife and nature. There are great roads in and around the Pine Barrens that offer you an incredible view of the forest. Depending on what type of car you have, the Pine Barrens are said to be the best spot in the area to go off-roading. If you have an suv, truck, or similar vehicle and are looking for a spot to take it off the roads, the Pine Barrens may be the spot for you.

Scenic drives are a great stress relieving and bonding activity. The Philadelphia scenery is some of the most unique as there is the combination of nature, history, and beautiful big city landscape. These trips are only the start to the beauty the area has to offer, so get out there and get driving!

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