Protecting Your Car In The Heat

Summer is here, which means that you’ll likely be spending as many days in the sun as possible. But just like you’ll want to make sure that you drink plenty of water and lather on the sunscreen before you start playing in the sun, your vehicle needs a bit of extra car in the heat as well.

Depending on your vehicle and the weather conditions where you live, you’ll want to make specific considerations for your vehicle. To help you get started, here are some general tips for protecting your car in the heat.

Time For A Bath

Your car went through a lot during the winter and spring. While it may have obviously racked up some miles on the odometer, it’s probably also picked up a lot in the form of dirty on the exterior as well. To start your summer off right, wash your car and even wax it for additional care. By cleaning your car and freeing it of anything clinging to the exterior, you’ll be able to protect it’s beautiful color. However, leaving debris on your car could result in sunspots or other damage occurring.

Top Off Fluids

After your car looks great outside, it’s time to pop the hood and make sure it’s in pristine condition under there as well. Check your fluids – including transmission, washer, and oil – and also make sure that everything looks good and in proper running order. In the event that anything needs to be fixed, you can quickly do so before taking your car on a road trip this summer.

Stay in Shady Spots

Windshield-Sun-ShadeIf you want to avoid damage to your car, then consider trying to dodge the sun altogether. Whenever you are parking your car, do so in a shady area that is protected from the sun. By keeping your car under a tree, in a garage, or protected by the shade of a large building, you’ll be able to protect its exterior for years to come.

Keep The Sun Out

If you simply can’t keep the sun out, that’s okay. There are other considerations to make as well. One thing you can do is ensure that you have a windshield sunshade in your vehicle. Putting this up while your car is parked will help to keep temperatures down inside. That means the interior won’t be as overwhelming when you open the door for the first time after it’s been sitting for a while on a hot day.

A more permanent option may be to consider getting window tint on your vehicle. By tinting your windows, you’ll be able to keep the extreme heat out of your car. Not only will this protect the interior, but it’ll also keep temperatures down as well.

Summer is great for those that love the sun. But if your vehicle doesn’t do as well in the sun as you do, then be sure to consider these tips for protecting your car while in the heat.

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