New Year Car Resolutions: Ways to Take Care of Your Car in 2017

It’s a new year, and for many people, it’s a chance to make the coming year better than the last. Setting new year’s resolutions can be hit-or-miss, and we all know the popular ones: lose weight, quit smoking, spend less money. Boring! Change things up this year by focusing your new goals on one of the biggest investments in your life – your car. These new year car resolutions will keep your car in better shape, and in effect, leave you happier at the end of the new year.

Stick to a Regular Maintenance Schedule

It’s common sense to visit the doctor and dentist at least once a year. Similarly, every car needs routine checkups and maintenance. This can include common routines, such as checking fluid levels and performing oil changes, and even less common routines, such as having your tires rotated or replaced. Oftentimes, these routines occur at varying intervals. Do yourself a favor by pulling out a calendar and working out when you’ll need to perform regular maintenance on your car. Even better if you set a digital calendar that will automatically remind you when a task is coming up.

Get to Those Things You’ve Been Meaning to Get To

Maybe you’ve been ignoring the check engine light. Or perhaps you’ve been meaning to have the tires changed since a few thousand miles back. Whatever it is that you’ve been putting off, there’s no time like the present! While fixing these small little issues in your vehicle might not be as important as keeping your fluid levels topped up and having your oil changed, they still play a part in your car’s overall health. If you’re keeping a calendar, simply add these small tasks to your to-do list and get them done.

Make Your Car Look Good, Inside and Out

Your vehicle’s appearance might not be as important as its functionality and safety, but that doesn’t mean you should underestimate the power of a clean car. Keeping your the interior and exterior in tip-top shape not only gives you better pride in your vehicle, but it’s also good for your wallet, too. Remember that your car is, ultimately, an investment. While you don’t need to keep your car spotless, continually avoiding cleaning can lead to permanent damage on your vehicle’s paint job and interior fabrics. If you’re bad about leaving your car a mess, make it a habit to give it a quick clean once a week.

Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

Tracking your fuel efficiency is another money-saving car resolution, and it’s also just a nice habit to have. Having a good idea of how much mileage you’re getting can give you insight into your car’s health and the quality of your driving. Plus, it doesn’t take much to implement. Simply keep a journal each time you fill up and track the miles you’re logging. Once you’re able to estimate your average mileage, you can take some steps to improving your fuel efficiency. Some common ways of getting better mileage include removing unused exterior racks, clearing out items taking up weight in your vehicle, and practicing calmer driving habits behind the wheel. While you might not see mega savings, who can argue with paying less at the pump?

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