How To Save Gas On Your Daily Commute

Your daily commute can be a real financial drain. It’s easy to sweep it under the rug as an expense tied to your work, but you may not realize just how much money you are burning. You make that commute a few hundred times a year, so costing yourself even pennies a day really starts to add up. Below are a few tips to make your commute as cost effective as possible.

Car Selection

One of the best ways to minimize the cost of your commute is to make sure you buy a fuel efficient car. This may seem obvious, but it is a little more complex than you may think. Fuel efficient cars typically cost more to buy, so you need to factor that in when considering the savings you are going to gain. You need to do your research when deciding on a car to buy and account for all of the factors. Ford offers tons of affordable, fuel efficient models that can save you tons of money on your daily commute.

Car Changes

If you aren’t in the market to buy a new car or don’t think a fuel efficient model is right for you, there are some quick changes you can make to your existing car to make it as fuel efficient as possible.

For example, you should keep your tires aired up to precisely the recommended amount. Flat tires are more taxing on the engine and cause you to burn more gas. You should make an effort to check the PSI in your tires at least once a month to be sure you aren’t wasting money.

Another easy change is to get your oil changed more frequently. Make sure you are following the recommended oil changing schedule closely, as old oil causes your engine to run significantly less efficiently.

You should also consider changing your air filter more. Many people neglect their air filter far longer than they should, often because they think it isn’t important. A dirty air filter can inhibit clean air flow through your car and is one of the biggest factors in fuel efficiency. Changing your air filter more frequently easily makes up the cost of the filters in what you gain in fuel efficiency.

Driving Habits

Changes to your driving habits can help your pockets in a variety of ways. Of course, driving more cautiously minimizes your risk of accident or tickets. Beyond that, driving more under control can save you tons of money on gas. Accelerating and using your brakes uses more gas than just cruising, so you should try to drive as smooth as possible. Be sure to accelerate slowly out of stops and to use the brakes less frequently and less aggressively, with in reason of course.

Another easy way to make your drive more fuel efficient is to run the heat/air conditioning less. Only use it when you really need it, as it puts more strain on the engine and drops fuel efficiency. Making some easy changes to your driving habits can save you hundreds of dollars a year!

More Extreme changes

Beyond these quick fixes, there are more extreme changes you can make to save money on your commute. You could try moving closer to your job or seeing if you can work from home more often. Working from home even 1 day a month will give you some real savings throughout the year. You could also try to carpool with someone who lives near by. Even if you need to drive to a meeting place that may be out of your way, you will not be forced to make the full commute in your own vehicle everyday. If you are within distance, riding your bike or taking mass transit to work is another great way to save money. Finally, be sure you are shopping to find the most affordable gas prices around, hopefully somewhere on your route. These changes might be a little challenging to adopt, but if you are able to do any of them you will save yourself tons of money!

Saving on your commute is essentially like giving yourself a raise. If you can cut a few cents out of every commute, it’s like making a few extra hundreds or even thousands of dollars! Gas prices are pretty affordable right now, but we all know how volatile they can be. As gas prices rise, these tips will only become more and more important to keeping your daily commute cost efficient.


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