How to Safely Travel With Your Pets in the Car

Driving and riding safely in the car is something we all should know how to do. After all, it’s something we grow up with. Our pets, though, pose a bit of a challenge when we decide to take them with us. Bringing a pet along on the road can be rewarding for both pet and owner, but it can be quite dangerous if neither is adequately prepared. Before you bring Sparky along with you for the ultimate road trip, make sure you’ve taken these tips beforehand for a safer ride.

Don’t Keep Them on Your Lap

This is the biggest no-no when driving with your pet. Don’t keep them on your lap! Not only is it incredibly distracting and dangerous for you and others on the road, but it could also illegal depending on which state you’re driving in. Still, regardless of the legality, there’s a better places to keep your pet when you’re driving.

Keep Them in the Back Seat

You’re much better off keeping your pet on their own in the back seat. However, you should still exercise some caution. Some pets are nervous, some are cool as a cucumber, but no matter your pet’s disposition, you never know how they’re going to react once you’re cruising the road. Of course, and especially in the case of overly excited dogs, you’re not going to be able to stop them from jumping back and forth between the front and back seats. If this is the case, you’ll need to resort to the next option.

Use a Pet Carrier or Crate

It’s not always the most ideal situation, but sometimes, you just might not trust your pet enough to leave them unrestrained in the car. This is especially true if you’re driving alone and you’re unable to control them if they get nervous or otherwise out-of-hand. You might think putting your pet in a carrier as some kind of cruel and unusual punishment. Take solace, however, in the fact that for some nervous animals, the calm and quiet of a crate can be more calming that the sensory-overloading scenes outside the window.

Take Breaks

Spending an extended period of the road can be exhausting, and that’s just as true for animals. Just as we get pent up in the car, so can they. Well, most of them, at least, unless your pet is a turtle, gerbil, or other pint-sized creature. For larger-sized animals, though, your best bet is to make a few pit stops along the way, for everyone’s sake. Don’t forget to pack a leash!

Bring Snacks

Snacks are a crucial part of any road trip, and that’s true whether you’re human or animal. As you get your supplies together for your trip, be sure to pack both food and water for your pet. Even if they aren’t moving around a lot, they’re still going to get hungry and thirsty. That’s true whether or not you’re making a long trip. If you’re making an extended trip, though, you might want to bring something a little more substantive than kibbles.

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