Essential Items To Keep In Your Car

No matter what kind of car you drive, old or new, it is crucial to have some things with you in case of an emergency. Anything can happen on the road and you will want to be prepared, especially if you are traveling with your family. Below are a few essential items to keep in your car.

Car Trouble

If you run into some kind of car trouble, whether it be a flat tire or stalled engine, it is important to have things to fix it yourself. Even if you have some sort of roadside assistance, they could sometimes take a long time to get to you or be unavailable all together. For flat tires, every car should keep a can of fix-a-flat or a similar brand on hand. This can temporarily patch the hole in a tire so you can make it to a safer place to get it fixed. Changing tires on the side of the highway can be very challenging and extremely dangerous. You should also make sure your spare tire is inflated and functional so you can replace it if the fix-a-flat can’t do the job. It is important to have a tire gauge in your car so you can monitor if tires are losing air. In the event of a dead battery, you will want to have your own jumper cables. They are simple enough to use so there should really be no need to call roadside assistance for a dead battery, depending where it occurs. These items can get you out of the most common car troubles that would leave you stranded on the road.


Of course, you will want to make sure you have some safety essentials in case of a medical situation, big or small. An everyday first aid kit might be the most important thing you put in your car. It should include all of the essentials you would expect to see in a first aid kit (band aids, disinfectant wipes, antiseptic cream, etc.). You should also keep some kind of multi-tool/pocket knife. This will be an all in one screwdriver, knife, nail file, and about everything else you can imagine for you. There are one’s specifically meant for cars that have a window breaker and seatbelt cutter.  A flashlight is a must for any car and really every situation. Another important safety item for every car is a flare or similar device to draw attention. If you end up broken down on the side of a road, a flare is an essential way to be sure passersbys are alert that you are there, particularly at night. They can also alert emergency personnel of your location. Finally, regardless of season, you need to make sure you have an ice scraper in your car. You never know when you will walk out to a windshield full of ice, so you need to be prepared. These safety items will allow you to handle most emergencies that take place on the road as safely as possible.


Technology can help you in all facets of life, driving included. You should keep some basic technological items in your car, starting with a phone charger. You need to be sure that if your only mode of communication dies, you have a way to get it back on. You may want to consider a wireless charger that won’t rely on the power of your car, in case you are in a situation where your car and phone are dead. You could also get a GPS tracker that stays in your car and connects with your phone, so your car is never lost. This is great for parking lots, stolen cars, and any other time that you may want to know the location of your car. Dash Cams are also a great idea for every car, especially if you are a commuter. This can protect you from tickets, accidents, and record everything that you see on the road. All of these items are relatively cheap and can really help you if they are in your car.

An emergency in the car can be very scary, but can go a lot smoother if you have the items above. They will ensure that you are able to get the help you need and get back on the road safely and quickly.

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