Basic Security Tips to Deter People From Breaking Into Your Car

For those who don’t live in urban areas, cars aren’t just a nice-to-have. They’re a necessity. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of responsibility that comes with having a car, and that includes making sure it stays protected. While car thefts are steadily decreasing, a car is still stolen every 45 seconds in the United States. Little will deter a highly-motivated thief from breaking into your car, but there are a few things you can do to lower those odds.

Park in Well-Lit Areas

Before you can take a look at how effectively you’re securing your car, you should examine the environment surrounding it. It’s a pretty simple concept: Thieves are less likely to strike when there’s a greater chance of being caught in the act. This means you should do your best to park in a visible, well-lit area, and if possible, one that’s in range of a security camera. Of course, you can’t always choose the area where you’ll be parking, but taking an extra minute to find the most opportune parking spot might be worth it.

Hide Your Valuables

This is one of the biggest factors in protecting your car and the items you keep in it. A burglar will be motivated to break into your car if he sees that there are some items worth stealing that’ll make the attempt worth it. So, if you have to keep some valuables in your car while you’re away, stash them in hidden areas, such as the trunk or glove compartment. Or, at least do your best to hide them under the car seats. If you carry around a lot of stuff pretty often, consider investing in a cover, or at the very least, use a blanket. Also, don’t leave your GPS on display on your dashboard!

Don’t Leave Your Car Running Unattended

It might be tempting to leave the car running while you’re away, especially during the cold mornings of winter. However, if you want to play it safe, wait until you can sit in the car while it warms up. A running car that’s obviously empty is an open target to thieves, even when the car is locked. All they’d have to do is break a window and take off with your vehicle! Instead, layer up, and if you must let the car warm up before you pull away, wake up five minutes earlier and bring a crossword to do while we wait for the heat to kick on. It’s also worth knowing that a car heats up faster when it’s driving rather than parked!

Invest in Your Car’s Security

When it comes down to it, your car is an investment, whether you own it or you’re leasing. And often, you need to spend a little money to protect your investments. There are quite a few products out there that work as car theft deterrents. One of them is a wheel lock, which you can quickly latch onto your steering wheel when you leave your car. This will prevent a thief from turning the wheel if they want to steal your car. An anti-theft system might also be worth looking into. The more visible, the better – a blaring car alarm will scare off anyone who tries to break in, but the blinking light of an anti-theft device and a wheel lock will keep them from trying in the first place.

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