Why Driving A Ford Makes You More American

America. Land of the free and home of the brave. The United States has done a lot of great things for this world, and it’s also brought plenty of many great innovations to the forefront as well.

One of the biggest brands to ever come from America is Ford, which makes a variety of different industry-leading vehicles that receive high marks for their performance standards. While Ford is no stranger to success due to performance, it’s also a brand that people should buy if they want to feel more spirited in your love for the USA. In fact, here are some reasons why driving a Ford makes you more American.

Providing Jobs

When the housing market bubble burst in 2008, it’s impact reached far and wide. One of the biggest places it hit was in the manufacturing industry, as many Ford plants in Detroit had to drastically slow down production. The most important factor to this isn’t about the cars, but instead the thousands of people that lost their jobs during this cutback period. That’s families losing their jobs, which leads to children sleeping in cars and even worse.

However, when you purchase a Ford, you are helping to provide jobs for Americans. Purchasing a domestic car is about much more than the car itself. Instead, it’s about your neighbor, friends, and family who have jobs in the manufacturing industry.

Supporting The Economy

American-FlagThe most important thing is make sure that American’s have jobs. Once that’s taken care of, it leads to more economic growth thanks to the money that can be pumped back into the economy. If you drive a foreign car, that money doesn’t go into our economy. It goes into a foreign country, and there is no telling where that money goes.

Building To The Future

Buying a Ford isn’t just about making sure that people have jobs today, but also that we continue to build a brighter future for America. One great way to do that is with economic stimulus and growth, as mentioned in the preceding paragraph. However, the reach of Ford’s influence spreads much further.

Ford is known for putting millions into scholarships, schools, and other programs to help promote educational growth for the future. Whether it’s someone who goes on to be an engineer and creates an innovative new vehicle, or simply someone who gets the education thanks to the financial support from Ford, the company continues to build for a better future. There are only a handful of companies that have the history and name power like that of Ford, and driving their vehicles ensures that they continue that trend for the future of America.

There are a lot of factors that come into play when purchasing a new vehicle. But while you may be quick to ask how many miles it gets per gallon, or what sort of features it has inside, you may instead what to think about where the car was made. And if it’s a Ford, then you know it was made right here in the USA – which makes you as American as they come!

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