Most Popular Cars by Country

Priorities differ from country to country, and that’s made apparent in how they choose their vehicles. Functionality and affordability oftentimes outweigh style and power. It’s evident how the environment and city structure play a role in how car manufacturers create their automobiles.

1.United States of America: Ford F-150 series

By far, the Ford F-150 series outsold all other makes and models in 2017. In every area of the country, you can see this truck on the road. Whether it’s part of a workforce fleet of trucks, or a personal use truck, the USA enjoys this American-made flat bed. Weekend warriors and tailgate parties alike love the look and feel of this vehicle. It’s easy to maneuver, but strong enough to handle any task.

2. England: Volkswagen Golf

This versatile compact car can easily navigate the narrow and twisting roads in the British Isles. It’s excellent on gas, and can comfortably fit five adults. The Golf is historically Volkswagen’s number one selling vehicle, and it’s the number two selling car in the world. The Golf has won numerous awards over the years. In 2009, it was awarded the Worlds Car of the Year. With Volkswagen’s safety features, great gas mileage, and spacious seating, what’s not to love.

3. Mexico: Nissan Versa

The Nissan Versa isn’t known for its style or horsepower, but it is incredibly affordable. It’s a decent vehicle that gets you from one place to another with respectable gas mileage. It also has a good amount of cargo space for a compact car. This is a utilitarian vehicle and it shows through in the engineering and design.

4. Italy: Fiat Panda

The Fiat is an Italian manufactured vehicle, which makes sense as to why the Panda would be Italy’s number one vehicle. The Panda was designed originally in 1980 as a city vehicle, and it is now in its third generation. It was created with functionality in mind. It was a “no-frills” vehicle that was light-weight and meant for purpose not style. Over the years, Fiat has added the style into the design, making is a practical and attractive way to get around tight city streets.

5. India: Maruti/Suzuki Alto

The Suzuki Alto replaced it’s sister car, the Maruti 800, in 2004 as the best selling car in India. The Alto was debuted in 1979 by Suzuki as an affordable option that was good on gas. That is still the main premise of the car. It is now in it’s 8th generation, and it’s gone through some cosmetic changes to modernize the bodystyle. The latest style was brought out in Japan in 2014. It has a retro feel and uses Suzuki’s Green Technology for the body and the engine. 

6. Japan: Toyota Aqua (Prius C)

For over 20 years, the Toyota Aqua has held Japan’s number one selling car. The Japanese auto manufacturing company combined the Yaris sized vehicle with a hybrid powertrain system to create this fuel-efficient car. It is the top fuel-efficient vehicle excluding those that use electricity. This is also a top selling vehicle in North American countries as well as other countries around the world.

The world’s most populated countries can all tell us something about how they like to buy their cars. Universally, we can see that price and gas mileage play a significant role when buying a vehicle. It’ll be interesting to see what new styles and trends come from the manufacturer’s as they continue to try to make cars to fit everyone’s needs.

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