Is It Necessary To Warm Up Your Car Before Driving In Cold Weather?

As the temperatures start to drop and it gets colder outside, many people are under the impression that they need to idle their car before driving it. The thought is that running your car on idle for a bit will help to get things flowing throughout the entire system. However, not everyone has the spare time to let their car sit while they wait for it to warm up.

You may be wondering if it is necessary to warm up your car before driving it in cold weather, and here are some things to keep in mind to help you answer that question.

Why Should I Warm Up My Car?

One reason that people turn their car on in cold weather is to let it warm up the interior. After all, nobody wants to drive to work in subzero temperatures inside of their own car. Keep in mind, however, that warming up your car isn’t just for your comfort. Instead, starting your car before driving it can help to let the engine reach its optimal operating temperature. This also gets the oil circulating throughout your vehicle, which will help to reduce engine wear.

What Concerns Are There For Warming Up My Car?

Scraping-Ice-Off-WindowWith so many benefits, it makes sense that everyone should warm up their car before driving it, right? Well, that’s not the case, as leaving your car in idle while letting it warm can have plenty of concerns.

The first concern is that exhaust fumes from your vehicle can be a hazardous problem. If you let your car warm up in a garage, it’s important that you do not let the fumes circulate inside. Instead, open the garage to let the air flow outside.

For those that don’t park inside, there are concerns as well. When it comes to car fumes, you may be limited in terms of how long you can leave your car running on idle. This is because some cities will impose fines on drivers who leave their cars running in idle for extended periods of time.  The other concern with leaving your car outdoors is theft, which could happen anywhere.

If you plan to warm your car up, be safe. When inside a garage, open it to let the air circulate. Or if your car is outside, keep a mindful eye on it to avoid theft and other concerns.

Do All Cars Need To Be Warmed Up?

The great news is that newer car models are built with cold weather in mind. Therefore, it’s going to take much less time to warm up your new car versus one you may have had years ago.

Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

Even if you have a new car, drive cautiously when exposing your vehicle to cold weather after prolonged periods of being parked. Accelerate slowly, brake cautiously, and do anything else that you can to be a safe and attentive driver.

You won’t be able to avoid driving in the cold weather. In order to make sure that your vehicle can handle the conditions, consider the insight here for warming up your car before driving it in the cold.

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