Ford’s Innovation Paves The Way For An Amazing Year

There are few names that hold authority in the auto industry like that of Ford. For more than a century, Ford has been dedicated to providing drivers with reliable and affordable options that make life a whole lot easier. Whether your Ford pickup is the vehicle you rely on every day for work, a Ford van is what you need to shuttle the kids to school, or you passed your drivers license in a For car, one brand continues to make memories in the lives of families every day.

Ford has always been an industry leader in innovation. Henry Ford was given credit for being the man to revolutionize the assembly line, and Ford has continually come up with new ideas to make your driving experience even more enjoyable. This year is no different, as Ford continues to take their progressive innovation even further.

Here is a look at some of the innovative trends that Ford is using to pave way for another amazing year.

3D Printing

Ford-InnovationIt’s hard to find an industry that 3D printing hasn’t had an impact on, and Ford is taking things to the next level with how they use printed models. Thanks to 3D printing, Ford can save money by printing prototypes, instead of having to have them made and altered to specifications. Instead, it’s much easier to put information into a computer, and then have it printed on the other side.

Safer Vehicles

In addition, 3D printing is also helping Ford to make their vehicles safer. Designers and engineers at Ford are using 3D printing to help create vehicle structures that can withstand more damage, but also that are better at keeping passengers safe. This sort of dedication to safety is what sets the innovation of Ford apart from other manufacturers.

In-Car Entertainment

If you use your vehicle for work just as much as you do for personal needs, then you aren’t alone. That is why Ford continues to improve your in-car experience. In the F-150, there are now more options to run your business. From a passenger seat that folds down, to a center console that has extra charging ports for your computer and smartphone, you’ll have all the room you need for whatever job you have to take on.

Health And Medicine

Ford is invested in ensuring the health and wellness of people around the world, and not just those here in America. That is why their innovation is also pouring into other parts of the world, as they try and provide resources that previously would’ve have been available. Ford Endeavor is working through rural villages and implementing new health care provisions that will save lives and make for better living conditions.

No matter where you look, Ford has a hand in innovation for a variety of different industries. Whether it’s in their advanced line of vehicles, or the health and wellness of those around the world, the innovative minds at Ford continue to keep pushing like Henry Ford and the rest of those who laid a foundation for the company.

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