Best Fords For Driving On The Beach

You didn’t buy a Ford just so you can use it to mosey to work every day. Instead of driving Mrs. Daisy, you’d prefer to be driving while doing something a bit crazy. And what better way to do something crazy, while also being safe of course, than driving on a beach? Whether you are out for a leisurely drive during the sunset or doing donuts in a closed off area, driving on the beach can be a load of fun.

In order to ensure that your time driving on the beach is as enjoyable as possible, you need a vehicle that can handle whatever comes its way. Whether it’s a small mound of sand, a puddle of water, or whatever else you come across, you’ll need a vehicle that can keep on going while on the beach. That’s why you need a Ford.

Here is a look at the best Fords for driving on the beach, which are sure to give you even more enjoyment in your vehicle.

Ford Explorer

Car-Parked-on-BeachThe Ford Explorer is likely going to be your best option for roaming on the beach. The Explorer is Ford’s crème de la crème when it comes to both luxury and power. With a ton of power under the engine, you won’t have any problem any terrain that you come across. And since the Explorer is known for luxury, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be comfortable while riding as well.

Whether you go with a new or used model, the Ford Explorer is going to be the top option for driving on the beach.

Ford F-150

Ford makes an entire line of powerful, heavy duty trucks that can handle anything that you throw out it. The reason the Ford F-150 stands out amongst others is because it’s the perfect size for beach driving. You won’t want a truck with an extra-long bed, as that might make for less accommodating driving conditions. But the F-150 offers the perfect amount of size and power for hitting the beach.

Extra! – If you are looking for an F-150, you may also want to consider the Ford Raptor. This special edition of the F-150 has even more power under the hood and a more structured frame, which will allow for a softer ride while on bumpy beaches. You are going to love the Ford Raptor, and you won’t be able to escape compliments from your peers.

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta may stand out as a bit of a surprise to make the list, but we can’t let it go without saying how much fun you can have in one on the beach. A Fiesta is a compact, yet powerful car that is a lot of fun to take out on the sand. If you have a nice vehicle that you don’t want to take out on the beach, that’s understandable. But if you are looking for something that you can just take out with your buddies, a Ford Fiesta is a great consideration to make.

Driving a Ford on the beach makes for an experience unlike any other. But to ensure that your experience is as enjoyable as possible, consider the Fords on this list when hitting the beach.

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