10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Text and Drive

We live in a world where things can happen in a nanosecond. That’s why when we get a text message on our phone, we feel the immediate need to respond in a hurry. However, when you are behind the wheel of a vehicle, that response can wait.

Here are 10 reasons you shouldn’t text and drive, and the damage that you might cause if you do.

A Second Can Change Your Life

In just a split second, your entire life can change. If you text and drive, and get in an accident because of it, think of the damage you may sustain. Imagine a life where you can’t do a lot of your favorite hobbies or events, because you got into an accident while texting and driving. You can avoid this by keeping your phone down while in the driver’s seat.

You’re Not That Good Of A Driver

Woman-Texting-While-DrivingEven the best of drivers know that there are plenty of things to worry about while on the road. Even if you think you are great behind the wheel, driving requires your full attention – which means you shouldn’t be worrying about that text.

It’s Not You, It’s Them

Still not convinced that you aren’t a perfect driver all of the time? Well, think of the other drivers on the road, then. All it takes is another driver to be texting while driving and they could put your life at risk. Therefore, you need to be aware of what’s going on around you.

It’s Illegal

In over 40 states, it’s illegal to text and drive. Getting caught doing so can result in fines, suspension of license, or even jail time.

Your Life Is More Important Than That Text

No matter what that text says, or what you feel you need to say back, it can wait. There is no message that is more important than your life.

It’s Your Friend or Family Member

Whether they are in the car with you or in the one next to you, think about how texting and driving could impact your family or friends. If they are the person you hurt while texting and driving, will you be able to live with yourself?

Or It’s Someone Else’s

Even if it’s not your family member or friend, it’s certainly someone else’s. That’s why you owe it to them to have the respect and dignity not to text and drive.

You Know It’s Bad

In a study taken at Virginia Tech University, 98% or participants said they knew it wasn’t safe to text and drive. The question is, how many of them truthfully don’t do it?

It’s Easier To Not Respond

When you hear your phone buzz, you’ll have to fumble for it, unlock it, open your messaging app, read the message, think what to say, respond, and hit send. Or you can just leave the phone down and keep jamming out to your favorite music while keeping your eyes on the road.

You’ll Avoid The Guilt Of Ruining A Person’s Life

Think of the guilt you’ll have if you hurt someone else due to texting and driving. Or you can avoid that all, by simply pledging to put down the phone while driving.

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