Would You Drive a Self-Driving Ford Vehicle?

It’s amazing to stop and think for a second about how far we’ve come as a civilization. It wasn’t very long ago that we relied on animals or our own two feet as the main form of transportation to get from Point A to Point B. Now, cars do nearly everything but drive for you.

However, we may not be very far away from this being a reality as well. As an industry leader in the automotive industry for over a century, Ford continues to bring innovative technology to the market. The newest of which could be a self-driving car. That’s right – all you’d have to do is get in and buckle up, and then you’d arrive at your destination without any effort on your behalf. The question is: Would you drive a self-driving Ford?

Self-Driving-VehicleThe first reason that people will likely think to get into a self-driving car is because of the ease that it will provide them. Just think of how much easier your life would be if you could take the time to get ready in the morning while driving to work, simply because your car can drive itself. Or if you are heading out on a long road trip and want to catch some rest until you get there, wouldn’t it be nice if you could just close your eyes and arrive at your destination? Obviously these sort of scenarios need to be ironed out a bit more, but they make purchasing a self-driving car much more considerable.

While self-driving cars can provide a lot of convenience, they can also provide a lot of more substantial services as well. For example, while it might be nice to have your car drive you to work in the morning, it might be even better if that same car is able to get you home safely after a night of drinking with your friends. A self-driving car could save you thousands by avoiding a DUI, but also more if it saves your life.

Finally, self-driving cars are going to change the way that people get medical attention. For those that have conditions that make it difficult to drive, think of how much easier it will be to get to a doctor’s appointments when they can rely on a self-driving vehicle to get them there. From diabetics to those who suffer from seizures and everyone in-between, self-driving cars will change how people with medical conditions get care.

There is no telling as to how far away society is from adapting to mainstream self-driving cars. However, if they continue to improve in terms of the convenience and benefits they provide, it may end up being a choice that you may have to make in your lifetime. So when that time comes, you’ll have to be able to answer: would you drive a self-driving Ford?

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