Will New Phone Technology Outdate My Car?

As technology changes quickly, so do our lives.  With new mobile phones and devices released every year, a growing concern is that our devices will not be compatible with our most prized possession – our cars.

Will Ford Car Technology Keep Up?

In short, the answer is yes.  Phone technology is changing rapidly, particularly with iPhone technology to match that of Samsung, LG and many other device manufacturers push to use your phone as part of your car.  One important feature is SYNC® AppLink® which syncs apps with your car dashboard for ease of use and more focused driving.  App technology also allows for the car system to install updates, just as a computer or phone would install the latest features.  As long as the platform is installed in your car, it can always be updated.

Will I Need To Keep Buying New Connectors?

Recently, with changes to the buttons on phones and connectivity changes such as the removal of the headphone jack in the iPhone, consumers are left wondering how outdated their car connectivity will be.  One technology that is not going anywhere is the power jack on phones.  Power jacks have changed in recent years, especially with the iPhone lightning connector, but the offset has been ease of use and a less bulky and more versatile cord with increase speed and capacity.

USB ports are not going anywhere.  If you’re concerned about simply charging your phone in your car, there is nothing to worry about.  Wireless Charging introduced in the iPhone 8 line is new, but still requires a device to plug into a USB port.  USB ports have been around long enough and are the standard for universal data connection for all computers on the market.  Wireless data transfer is nowhere near where it needs to be to connect and sync data to a PC, particularly for large data files.  Does your Ford have a USB port?  If so, you can rest assured that this technology will be around for years to come.

What Is The Future Of Phone / Car Integration?

The primary focus of the technology industry is ease-of-use.  Sometimes, major technology changes render your devices out-of-date which force a technology upgrade.  With phones and devices constantly changing, one technology that is rolling out to more and more cars is wi-fi in your car.  This technology has a cost associated with it for those concerned about data usage, but as data becomes cheaper and the carriers compete against each other it becomes less of an issue and more of a dedicated line to your car to split the signal.  This is great for family trips or for heavy on-the-go business use.  However, phones will receive the same signal, so if you need more than one person to connect to a single data signal, this may not be a necessary option.

Finally, the most important technology integration we see changing over time is in-car navigation.  With GPS driving our ETAs and scheduling our busy lives from point A to B, modern GPS take not only the shortest route into consideration, but traffic.  Maps are getting better and better by the day, but new Fords can be tracked to their destination via GPS in the need of an emergency.

Ford cars and trucks are built to not only compete with the industry but also to outperform the industry.  Ford relies on its long history of quality, US-made vehicles to drive your life.

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