Strange Traffic Laws in The U.S.

There are all kinds of laws across The United States that don’t make much sense, at least not anymore. These laws may have served a purpose at one time but no longer do much. This is especially true with some strange traffic laws, like some of the ones below.

Lantern Law

It is pretty clear this law was made in a different time as lanterns are pretty much non-existent anymore. The law states that in Alabama you can drive the wrong way down a one way road in the state as long as you have a lantern attached to the front of your vehicle. This seems like something that would make a lot of sense on a horse and buggy, but probably isn’t of much use now that cars have headlights. The law may have slipped through the cracks as it has never been revoked and remains in place today.

No Sleeping!

This is a very weird one, but if you take a step back it actually makes a bit of sense. In Eureka, California it is illegal to sleep on the street. This may seem obvious, because after all who actually would want to sleep on asphalt. Supposedly, the law is specifically meant to stop people from sleeping on the street, not necessarily the sidewalk. It was originally put in place to help stop the growing homeless problem in the area and serves that purpose to some degree. At least you won’t find any homeless sleeping in the middle of the street, although that doesn’t seem likely even without the law.

Keep It Down!

Cars can be noisy which is usually a part of life and no one considers it much of a problem. However that is not the case in a few places around the U.S., like Derby, Kansas. In Derby you can do jail time for screeching your tires. It is said that you can be sentenced to 30 days in jail if you are caught screeching tires, but it is very unlikely anyone is being charged with this. Maybe the strangest law on our list comes from Little Rock, Arkansas. It is said that it is against the law to honk your horn near a sandwich shop after 9 p.m. It is hard to think of any reason for creating this law, but someone felt a need for it at one time. Sticking with the theme of noise, it is illegal to honk someone else’s horn in University City, Missouri. Maybe they had a problem with this sort of thing at one time, but it seems pretty far-fetched. Make sure you keep your drive quiet, because who knows what other strange laws about noise could be out there.

You probably aren’t in any danger of penalty if you do happen to break one of these strange laws. But it is certainly a good idea to not fall asleep on the street, even if it is legal in your state.

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