Special Edition Ford Mustangs

Mustangs are some of the most famous American cars on the road. They are known for their classic design and unmatched power. Throughout the years there have been all kinds of different spin offs of the Ford Mustang, some have even become annual special edition models released each year.


Shelby is probably the most popular subset of the classic Mustang line. It is named after Carroll Shelby, a race car driver, who created a modified version of the classic Mustang that was originally meant for track racing. This inspired the Shelby model Mustangs that have become the sporty, more powerful version of the classic models. They were first produced from 1965 to 1970 by Ford. Ford took a long break from producing the Shelby’s and they did not start being made again until 2005. The annual release of the Mustang is still accompanied by a new version of the higher performance Shelby. The Shelby always comes at a slightly higher price, but if you are looking for more performance it is always something worth checking out.


One of the most famous names in cars is without a doubt Jack Roush. Known for his successful racing teams, Jack was also one of Ford’s most successful engineers. The Roush Mustang originally got it start when Roush Performance Products began offering aftermarket parts packages that could be bought for classic Mustangs. This started in 1995 and was popular enough that Roush began producing Mustangs in 2004. These Mustangs were known as the 440A and were simply the Roush highest level of the Roush aftermarket parts packages. Roush edition Mustangs are often easy to spot due to their unique black racing stripes.


The Saleen edition Mustang began production in 1983 and is one of the more powerful Mustang editions on the market. It was originally created by racecar driver Steve Saleen who actually used Mustangs on the track. Steve won some major races in his Mustang and is one of the best drivers to ever race in a Ford. Saleen’s are not the most popular Mustangs on the road today, but they are certainly one of the most powerful.

Mustang Club of America

Mustangs have become so popular there is now a whole culture of drivers and fanatics who have meetings, rallies, and anything else you can think of to celebrate Mustangs. There are chapters all over the country, to learn more about the Mustang Club of America see here.  In 2011, Ford decided to honor this group of Mustang super fans with a special edition Mustang. The car itself is the same as other basic 2011 Mustangs, it is really just a special edition appearance package. There are unique stripes down the sides of the car and special blacked out stripes by the tail lights. It may not have been the most popular 2011 Mustang, but the club sure enjoyed it!

The Ford Mustang is one of the most recognizable cars on the road. It is easy to spot, or hear, a Mustang and all of these special editions still have that same classic feel. They say you shouldn’t mess with a classic, but Ford has had some success doing just that with special edition Ford Mustangs.

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