Most Valuable Ford Cars (Old And New)

Ford is one of the most biggest car manufacturers in the entire world, and they’ve been that way for over 100 years. Henry Ford revolutionized the way that factories operated with his improvements to the assembly line, and the company has continued to revolutionize and reinvent the motor vehicle industry with each passing year.

Over the years, Ford has created some vehicles that rank among the most valuable of all time. Even though the term valuable may mean one thing to someone, and another thing to someone else, there is no denying that these are some of the most valuable ford cars, old and new, of all time.

A Different Side Of Ford

Ford is known for vehicles like the Focus, F-150, and Mustang. However, not every knows that Ford also makes some of the most expensive vehicles in the world. For example, a Ford GT40 that was once driving by Steve McQueen sold for $11 million. This is certainly an extraordinary case, but it just goes to show the impact that Ford has had on American history, as well as the value that one of their vehicles offers.

In addition to the GT40, Ford has sold other models of the GT that have been quite valuable over time as well. For example, the Ford GT40 Prototype was sold in 2014 at auction for $7 million. The GT40 Prototype symbolizes Henry Ford’s desire to prove that Ford offered some of the fastest cars on earth, which is why this vehicle is very different than the rest of their models.

Practicality And Reliability

1967-Ford-GT40While multi-million dollar sports cars may be what some people consider valuable, that isn’t always the case. Instead, a reliable car that gets you to work everyday might deserve to title of what you consider to be valuable. And when it comes to Ford, you will get practicality and reliability in a variety of different options.

The Ford Focus ranks among the top-selling small cars in the United States, and the F-150 is known as a reliable option for those that use their truck as a workstation as much as they do a vehicle. The Ford Mustang has long-been a part of American history, as it remains one of the best selling cars of all time.

While valuable typically is related with a dollar amount of some sort, Ford proves that it is a staple amongst families because it allows for getting from Point A to Point B with ease.

Ford Concept Cars

In addition to the cars that you might be used to see, Ford also has produced some concept cars that are worth a lot of money. For example, the GT90 Concept, Shelby GR-1 Concept, Shelby Cobra Concept, and Indigo Concept, are all Ford options that are valued at millions of dollars.

For years, Ford has been a part of American culture. Whether it’s a vehicle that is worth millions of dollars, or one that is priceless because of how much it means to your family, Ford offers options that are as valuable as they come.

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