Luxury Features that are now Standard

Over the years, we’ve seen technology explode, and every aspect of our lives has been touched by it—including what we drive. Car companies are constantly adapting to include the newest features to WOW the buyer. Selling points of the past are now expected features in every vehicle. From automation to safety features, our cars are getting smarter and more advanced every year. It’s hard to imagine how we lived before these inventions.

  1.     Power locks and windows: Gone are the days when you’d have to pull a shoulder muscle trying to roll up your windows. Even the most basic vehicles come equipped with power windows. Plus, you don’t have to fumble around at your car door to unlock your car anymore. Push a button on the fob, and there you have it—everyone can open their doors. Something so simple makes life much easier.


  1.     Bluetooth: Back in the day, it was top-of-the-line to have a car phone attached to the dash. Now, smartphones have been a big game changer, and cars have had to adapt. To make life safer and easier for drivers, Bluetooth and hands-free has become a standard in every vehicle off the lot. Bluetooth is much more than just phone calls—you can stream music, directions, and any other audio from your smartphone.


  1.     USB ports: Another smartphone change that car companies have included. Before, it was the cigarette lighter, but the health hazards became apparent, and smoking feel out of vogue. Then it changed to the power adapted, and now there’s a space for USB ports as well as the power adapters. We have become attached to our technology and need it charged at all times.


  1.     Intermittent wipers: Windshield wipers used to have one standard speed, and it was either off or on. Now, we can have more control over how fast the wipers move depending on how bad the weather is.


  1.     Airbags: This lifesaving feature has not only become standard, but it’s been implemented in new and more advanced ways. There are now side airbags, rear airbags, and smart airbags. They can detect when a passenger is present, and will deploy if needed.


  1.     Radio, Tape deck, and CD player, digital: We’ve made some amazing changes in music and how we listen to it. We’ve seen cars go from the standard radio stations, and then to start including new features, like the tape deck. Then for it to be quickly replaced with CD players, and now everything is digital. There’s no telling what and how we will jam out in the future.


  1.     Safety Features and Automatic sensors: We now have computer systems regulating our vehicles. They make car sense easy for even the most automotive illiterate person. It can tell us when to get our oil changed, when our tire pressure is low, and so much more, saving many a huge headache in trying to figure out why the car won’t run.

There are now touchpads on every dashboard, heated seats, and dual air controls in even the most basic of models. Not to mention, you have to special request a manual stick shift because automatic drive is now the standard. Our cars have changed to make life a little easier. We take for granted the simple things that our cars now do for us.

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