History of the Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is an iconic car. It’s a symbol of American muscle, it represents the auto industry in the States, and it’s the car that was on the posters of many boy’s walls growing up. The Ford Mustang has come a long way, and it’s only continuing to grow with each new model.

With such an iconic past, here is a look at the history of the Ford Mustang. It’s more than just a car, it’s a part of American history.

The First Model

Ford first started working on the Mustang in the late 1950’s, with the first models finally releasing midway through 1964. However, it was the 1965 models that truly took off and became much more popular among drivers of the generation. A lot of this may have to do with the fact that the first Ford was put on display for the public display at the New York World’s Fair in April of 1964. As more and more people saw the Ford Mustang causing the streets of their neighborhoods, it quickly became a must-have item for those wanting four wheels.

A New Generation

Mustang-EmblemAfter a decade of success, Ford shifted gears in 1974 with what was labeled the second generation of Ford Mustangs. The idea behind this model was to be more fuel efficient, which came due to a smaller body. This change was greatly accepted by the public, and the new generation sold over 300,000 models in its first year of availability.

Continued Success

Unlike any other car on the road, the Ford Mustang continues to improve. Through unrivaled innovation and inspiration, Ford has transitioned through three more generations as well. The Third Generation Mustang accommodated more people in the back, while still becoming more compact of a vehicle. Ford also offered a variety of different models of Mustang with this generation, including the L, GL, LX, GTS, GT, and Turbo GT

Fourth Generation Mustangs saw huge redesigns that began in 1994. After 30 years, the new Mustang with an edgier style has become one of the most popular rides on the street. This redesigned style was then made slightly boxer with the Fifth Generation update of Mustangs that ran from 2005-2014.

Continually Moving Forward

Mustang now finds itself in the Sixth Generation, which is set to release this year. The 2015 Ford Mustang features a redesigned body that is 1.5 inches wider, but also 1.4 inches lower. The new aerodynamic design received rave reviews during it’s December 5, 2013 unveiling. The new model, codenamed S-550, hit showrooms in November of 2014 and can be seen streaking around a neighborhood near you.

There are few cars that are as iconic as the Ford Mustang. For over 50 years, the mustang has symbolized American muscle in the form of horsepower. And with the continued innovation and improvement, it’s easy to see why.

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