Ford’s New Partnership With Lyft

Ford just announced an exciting new partnership with the ride sharing app Lyft that will push driverless car technology to new limits. Below are some details on the recently announced partnership that will have a major impact on the auto industry.

What It Is

The new partnership between Ford and Lyft is all about autonomous cars. Ford wants to help change the ridesharing and transportation industry by mass producing autonomous cars. The intention is for the cars to be used as Lyft cars so you will be able to get a ride without needing a driver. Ford’s VP of autonomous vehicles, Sherif Marakby, stressed that the partnership is still in it’s early stages and customers shouldn’t expect driverless cars too soon. Ford and Lyft want to ensure that the technology is foolproof so users can feel confident their ride will be there on time and take them to where they need to go, safely. Expect more to be released in the coming weeks and months about what the partnership will consist of, but big things are certainly in the works.


A partnership between a massive car maker and one of the biggest transportation companies only makes sense. By themselves, both Ford and Lyft were making big strides towards mass producing safe, autonomous cars. Together the two companies feel they will be able to make more, better autonomous cars. Most importantly, they feel they will be able to do so faster than if they were alone. Doubling the brain power behind the development of the technology will only answer questions faster. Ford was already an industry leader in the development of self-driving cars and the new partnership with Lyft is only going to widen the gap.

What To Expect

For now, nothing will change for Ford drivers or Lyft users. It will certainly take some time to sure up the technology to have a fleet of self-driving cars, but it could be sooner than most people think. In the near future, Lyft users can expect to call a ride, have it get there quicker than usual, and not have a driver behind the wheel. There will still be cars driven by real drivers and Lyft has hinted that the self-driving cars will mostly be for big cities and used during peak hours. It will certainly take some getting used to and might be freaky at first, but self-driving cars will be great for everyone involved. Lyft drivers will not be forced to make as many tough trips and the convenience and price for Lyft users will only become more favorable.

Self-driving cars are certainly the future, the only question is how soon they will become mainstream. It could be months, years, even decades, but one thing is for sure: Ford and Lyft are going to be on the forefront of the autonomous car movement.

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