Ford’s Most Fuel Efficient Vehicles

When shopping for a new vehicle, different factors are going to appeal to different people, but one that most can agree upon is great fuel efficiency. These days, there’s no shortage of vehicles that boast good gas mileage figures, and Ford has one of the best lineups of cars that will save you money at the pump. That’s however rarely you actually have to visit the gas station, that is. Here’s a rundown of some of Ford’s most fuel efficient vehicles.

Ford Fusion Energi

The Fusion Energi is one of Ford’s newest offerings, its specific model having been introduced in 2012. While the Fusion is Ford’s modern take on the sedan, the Fusion Energi takes what was already great about the model and adds a big twist: plug-in charging compatibility. The Ford Fusion Energi is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle–or PHEV–meaning that it can draw its energy from both a traditional gas tank and a rechargeable battery.

The Ford Fusion line is a Green Car of the Year winner, which is reflected in its amazing gas mileage specs. Without being plugged in, the vehicle gets more than 40 miles to the gallon, while plugging in nets the driver 104/91 MPGe – miles per gallon equivalent, the new standard for gas mileage that factors in electric charge rather than gasoline consumption.

Ford C-MAX Energi

The Fusion line wasn’t the only model to get the Ford Energi treatment. The C-MAX Energi, which was first released in 2012, offers a lot of what makes the Fusion Energi such a great car, though with a few differences. The biggest difference, of course, is that the C-MAX is a multi-purpose vehicle, offering its drivers a little more space than the Fusion does. There’s room for five that includes a fold-down back row, opening up more than 40 cubic feet of space.

While the C-MAX doesn’t get quite the mileage that the Fusion does, you can see that there still isn’t much compromise. Its fuel efficiency is rated 40/36 MPG and its fuel economy equivalent is 95/81 MPGe. That’s certainly more than enough to get you (and all you’re bringing along with you) where you need to go, as efficiently as possible.

Ford Focus Electric

If you’re convinced that electric cars are the way of the future, leave gas stations in your dust with the Ford Focus Electric. Unlike the Fusion and C-MAX PHEVs, the Ford Focus Electric eschews the traditional engine in favor for a completely electric-driven motor. Not only does that mean great “fuel” efficiency, but it’s also a boon for the environment at zero carbon dioxide emissions.

What do you get when you go all-electric? At 110/00 MPGe, the Focus Electric is more efficient than either the Fusion Energi or C-MAX and can drive about 76 miles on a single charge. Not that charging the car is much of a hassle, as full battery recharge takes about three-and-a-half hours, easily done when parking overnight.

For drivers who are increasingly conscious of their fuel economy and their vehicle’s impact on the environment, a PHEV or electric vehicle is a no-brainer, especially as these vehicles become price-equivalent to their gas-only siblings. Ford has always been one of the biggest names in car manufacturing, and with their ever-improving lines of electric-friendly options, we’re sure to see more of these insanely fuel-efficient cars on the roads very soon.

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