Famous Ford Mustang Owners

Many people dream of owning a Ford Mustang, and famous people are no exception. While it’s not unusual to see celebrities spend their wealth on lavish material possessions–including ridiculous whips–it is a little refreshing to see them flaunt their tastes in classic, down-to-earth muscle cars. Here are some of the famous few who’ve been fortunate enough to get behind the wheel of the timeless pony car.

President Bill Clinton

Say what you will about the former president’s time in office, but you have to admit that he was the epitome of cool before he headed to Washington, D.C. Not only did Clinton show off his amazing sax skills, but he also was the owner of a 1967 Mustang convertible. Devastatingly, once he moved to the White House, he had to trade the car for much less impressive Secret Service limos. You can’t really do a sweet burnout in one of those.


If hip-hop star Nelly thinks “it’s getting hot in here,” in might be due to his tricked-out 2011 Mustang GT. His black-stripes-on-black ‘Stang was due to appear on the cover of one of his albums, but that plan never seemed to materialize. Then, a few years later, the artist came out with a song called “Hey Porsche.” C’mon, Nelly – we thought you were a Ford guy!

Tim Allen

Tim Allen is famous mostly for his “Home Improvement” character, Tim Taylor, who shares a lot of similar interests: tacky jokes, Detroit sports teams, and especially a good-looking car. So, it’s not too much of a surprise that Allen, who’s a notable car geek, owned a custom white Saleen Mustang that the comedian dubbed “Casper.” Allen had so much faith in the car that he even once challenged Jay Leno and his Grand National to a burnout contest on “The Tonight Show” during the ‘90s. Naturally, Allen and his Mustang won, easily.

Jay Leno

Speaking of Jay Leno – the former late-night host, who is perhaps also the most well-known gearhead, owns an impressive collection of more than 100 classic cars, which range from a McLaren to a 1930 Bentley 27 Litre. Leno has so many cars, in fact, that he reportedly drove a different one to work every day. Not to be forgotten, however, is his 2015 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R, of which only a handful were made. The only thing that could top that? His 1965 Shelby GT 350. For those keeping track at home, yes, that was the first-ever Mustang model.

Jim Morrison

There’s an air of mystery surrounding The Doors singer Jim Morrison’s ownership of a 1967 Shelby GT 500. However, thanks to some car-loving sleuths, we know what happened to his car, which he christened “The Blue Lady” after its Nightmist Blue color scheme. As the story goes, Morrison treated the car awfully, getting into accidents and finally abandoning it after he pretty much totaled the vehicle. It’s widely believed to have been scrapped. What a loss! If you’d like to see the car in action, check out the short film “HWY: An American Pastoral,” which stars both Morrison and the Blue Lady.

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