Car Accessories That Have Been Replaced

Technology has made all kinds of things we used to love completely irrelevant. Whatever happened to VCRs? Blockbuster? iPods? There are all kinds of different things we associate with cars and driving that have become completely obsolete as technology has given us a more efficient or safer way of doing them.

Maps and GPS

There is no better example of things that have been replaced by newer, better technology than navigation methods. For many of us, we started driving and using a map to navigate and plan our trips. This served a great purpose, but could be hard to follow. Maps made it easy to get lost and required a lot of checking back to make sure you are heading the right way. Maps quickly gave way to GPS devices, which were all the rage just years ago. Before smart phones, nearly every driver had a dedicated GPS device. They were great substitutes to the paper maps of the past, however they too had their issues. It was easy to lose signal and find yourself on the wrong road because the GPS device was not working. GPS also required updates and without them it could have old versions of maps and not account for road closures. The invention of the smart phone GPS and in car GPS have completely done away with maps and GPS devices. Smartphone and modern in car GPS devices are much more accurate, track traffic, and have the ability to read out your next direction to you. They are better in nearly every way and are the the way almost all drivers choose to navigate in 2017.

Automatic Seatbelts

Of course, everyone should always be buckled into your seatbelt every time a car is in motion. However, it is much easier done yourself. Automatic seatbelts used to be very common in all car models, but they have quickly faded away. This is largely because they are unnecessary and even dangerous in some situations. It was hard to get the belt to always work properly and easy to get caught in it. Automatic seat belts were designed to make it impossible to drive without a seatbelt on. This problem has been addressed by the newly introduced beeping that happens anytime someone is sitting in one of the front seats without a seatbelt on and the car is moving. You can operate the car without a seatbelt on, however the dinging will not stop. In many models it even speeds up and becomes more irritating the longer you drive without your belt on, forcing you to buckle up.


Maybe more than anything, the music industry has been changed by technology. The way we listen to music in our cars has changed more times than can be counted, from A-trax to tapes to cds. More recently, you needed a cord to connect your music to your radio, whether it be auxiliary or some other connection. There is no longer even a need for a physical connection at all, as most newer models come equipped with bluetooth technology. As soon as you get in your car the music that is on your iPhone can be easily and wirelessly played using bluetooth. It is reliable and gives more high quality music to listen to than ever before. The invention of new technologies, most recently bluetooth, has completely changed the way we listen to music in our cars.

Technology is great…well most of the time. It has made cars more efficient, more comfortable, and most importantly much safer. Who knows, the next time we write the above improvements could be completely obsolete themselves!

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