All About Ford’s BoxLink® Technology

For over a century, Ford Motor Company has routinely designed, created, and manufactured some of the most innovative technology around. In fact, throughout history, Ford has been known for creating many technologies that end up being widely used in different industries.

Like in the past, Ford is now looking at a new type of advanced system with BoxLink® cargo management. Because more and more people are relying on their Ford trucks for more than just transportation, BoxLink® technology is intended to help drivers in ways like never before.

Here is a look about Ford’s BoxLink® technology and all that is expected to come from it’s inclusion in new Ford trucks.

What Is BoxLink® Technology?

Starting with the 2015 F-150, BoxLink® Cargo Management systems will be included in the beds of Ford trucks. These cargo systems are intended to help truck owners make the most of the room in their bed. This includes optimizing the space that they do have, but also making sure that their personal belongings stay safe as well.

BoxlinkDesigners and engineers took a look at the trunk of the F-150 to evaluate what improvements could be made. With the new BoxLink®, truck owners can configure tie-downs in the back of the bed in a variety of different ways. For example, drivers can:

  • Leave the hook-ups in a traditional manner as in previous F-150 models.
  • Create an S-hook by locking in traditional tie-downs, and removing the hook that is in place.
  • Slide a bungee through each of the two small holes for added support and coverage.
  • Find a number of aftermarket options that will also tie into place with the BoxLink® technology.

In addition to a new way to store items, drivers will enjoy the BoxLink® technology as it uses LED box lights to keep your truck bed illuminated. There is also a revolutionary new tailgate release system that will make it even easier for you to get the most of your truck.

BoxLink® Technology Is The Perfect Fit For Anyone

Whether you use your F-150 for the occasional drive to the store or you rely on it every day for your job, you know just how valuable the bed can be. That is why the BoxLink® cargo management system is ideal for all drivers. Ford has made it easy for anyone to easily unhook the BoxLink® system, and then readjust as the driver needs. With such an easy and simple solution, it’s now easier than ever to get the most of your Ford F-150.

The new BoxLink® cargo management system from Ford is going to change the way that trucks build their beds. With as much convenience and character the BoxLink® adds, the F-150 will remain among the top options for those that are in the market for a new Ford. It’s a wonder how no one else has tried to reimagine the truck bed until now, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it was Ford that made the move to improve.

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