A Focus on Ford SYNC Technology

Ford Sync is an innovative new technology that looks to transform the way you drive your car. Factory-installed on new Fords, Sync allows for hands-free interaction and communication to your entertainment system.

This is now the third generation of in-car technology offered by Ford and it’s already been received as one of the most popular and effective. As part of our Focus On series, here’s a look at the Ford Sync.

Changing The Way You Interact

When you are behind the wheel of a car, your attention and focus should be on the road. But with all of the distractions that may be coming from your smartphone, it’s easy to see how quickly you may lose focus. Ford SYNC looks to help you keep your attention where it belongs, on the road ahead of you.

Instead of opening your phone to send a text message, Ford Sync will act as your personal assistant. With voice activation, you can have your messages read to you, and you can also respond via voice commands. This is just one of the most basic features, but it will prove to be very useful for new Ford drivers.

Making Life Easier

Ford-Sync-TechnologyThink of all the time that you waste each week because you are stuck in traffic. If only you had someone to give you heads up turn-by-turn advice for avoiding those road bumps. This is exactly what Ford SYNC offers, at it makes your life easier in a variety of ways. SYNC offers GPS navigation, heads up on traffic alerts, and so much more.

And Safer

Along with making your life easier, it’ll make it safe as well. Along with avoiding traffic, Ford SYNC will also inform you of vehicle diagnostics.This is ideal for ensuring your Ford has the longevity that you need to protect your asset. And when you can prevent a blown out tire as easily as you can avoid missing a regular oil change, you’ll be safer at all times while in your car.

More Apps

Ford SYNC continues to offer more and more applications that will continue to make your life easier. LogMeIn is a third party application that lets drivers remotely access their computer while on the road. That means no more forgetting important documents at work, and you can continually stay connected while on the road.

The way that people use their car has changed drastically over the last few decades. No longer just four wheels to get you from point A to point B, a vehicle with Ford SYNC is a fully interactive entertainment system in your car. Whether you are quickly responding to a message from family, getting directions for a new destination, or checking a file from work, you’ll be able to do everything much more easily with Ford SYNC.

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