A Brief History of Henry Ford’s Success

When you think of all that he did, it’s hard to define the most important of Henry Ford’s successes. At a time when much of the country, and even world, was in disarray, Henry Ford brought many different innovations to the forefront of mass production. Thanks to Mr. Ford, nearly every aspect in daily life changed with his success.

While many people automatically assume that Mr. Ford created the first automobile, that isn’t the case. With such a long-standing reputation as some of the top cars in the world, it’s easy to see how this misunderstanding could be so widely believed. However, even though Mr. Ford didn’t invent the automobile, he certainly made it so that more people could attain purchasing one.

Here is a brief history of Henry Ford’s successes. You might be surprised to find out the impact that he really had is different than what you thought.

Reevaluating Of The Assembly Line

Henry-FordMuch like with the automobile itself, Henry Ford is often given credit for inventing the assembly line. However, the truth is that he didn’t invent the assembly line, but instead reevaluated the way that it was being done. When Ford instilled the assembly line process into his manufacturing plants, he was able to streamline the entire process for making his vehicles. In doing so, he was able to make more Model Ts, which meant that more people on the road could be driving. Before Mr. Ford, driving your own vehicle was something that only the rich and famous were thought to be able to afford.

To this day, there have been few cars that have made an impact quite like the Model T. That is why it remains among the most popular cars in history, and certainly one that helped to pave the future for Mr. Ford.

Welfare Capitalism

Mr. Ford didn’t just look at his assembly lines as the only way to make things easier for his workers. Instead, he also believed in paying them fairly as well. In 1914, Mr. Ford paid his employees upwards of $5 an hour. That’s about the equivalent of more than $100 an hour in inflation, which is unheard of for laborers in today’s market. By paying his employees more, Ford was able to get higher efforts, which may have just been what helped to make the brand of cars some of the most reliable in the world.

Ford In The Air

It wasn’t uncommon for many different automobile companies to get involved in the aviation industry as well. That is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Mr. Ford entered the company into the market in the middle of World War I. The most successful airline for Ford was the 4AT Trimotor, which was ideal because of it’s Alclad construction.

Henry Ford is one of the most iconic individuals in history. And with everything that he did here, it’s easy to see how his innovations helped America progress into one of the most powerful nations in the world.

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